The Bearly Worn Story

Once upon a time . . . There were 6 bears, Papa bear, Mama bear, and their 4 baby bears. Mama bear was a stay at home mom whose love for children encouraged her to open a Daycare center. Mama bear also loved to shop for her four little bears who were all growing up so fast! One day Papa bear and Mama bear were sorting through the youngest baby bear’s things. “Do you think he can still wear these things after hibernating season?” asked Mama bear. “Why of course he can, it’s BEARLY WORN!” Says Papa bear. Suddenly a light bulb flashed inside Mama Bears’ head. The answer to all of the mothers and their growing “baby bears” had finally come to her. Mama bear decided to open a resale store for mothers who loved to shop for their baby bears and where they could recycle their clothes that were BEARLY WORN.

Pawsitively perfect!

  • Welcome to Bearly Worn! We are an upscale children’s resale boutique in Fayetteville. We are a one of a kind store with a reputation for “keeping down the cost of growing up.” We are proud to offer the finest new and “Bearly Worn” children’s (preemie to size 12), maternity clothing, toys, books, baby furniture and gear! At the most affordable and unbeatable prices, we put out tons of items daily, so be sure to check in with us often. More...